We are a political, environmental and social enterprise that has chosen fashion to transform the anthropocentric business model to an ecocentric one.  We create ladies’ and men’s designer clothing that is ethically and certifiably produced so that we can offer you the option of dressing both exquisitely and purposefully.

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What this means to us is that we PROMISE you that we will always align our business mandate to genuinely serve the interests of people, animals and our planet. This is our ethos.


What this means to us is that we PROMISE you that our fabrics are and always will be vegan, will always be certified to a manufacturing standard and/or manufactured based entirely on the principles of organic, sustainable, ethical & regenerative production methods.

We represent a radical idea - a departure from the ordinary.


Our brand portrays the very opposite idea from the one normally associated with the phrase "Made in China". We embrace the concept of social and economic justice, ecological integrity and animal welfare - while giving you, our customer, distinctive design details to give you that edge.


Make your mark.

Each piece is designed to start a mini revolution.

Our pledge to you:


We will always be transparent, truthful and aware in all that we do and with all we interact with...from our farmers, to our suppliers, to our environment and to our customers; we will always do the most that we can to produce with the least impact; we will always give you high quality and stylish apparel; we will always be vegan.


"Timeless, Elegant and Kick-Ass."