We are a first and foremost a values and philanthropic driven enterprise.

We manufacture our own unique fabrics and design apparel that are not only organic and sustainable but are 100% vegan and sourced entirely in the USA. Our fabrics and our designs are sophisticated, timeless and classic, while having exceptional quality and beauty.

Our company is wholly run by family members whose professional expertise is on the continuum of fashion design, business management, marketing and environmental sustainability.

We have set up a supply chain where we personally know and can vouch for all our operations. Additionally our line is produced based entirely on the principles and practices of organic, sustainable and ethical production methods from our raw organic pima fibre, to our hangtags and notions. Our suppliers are either GOTS certified, Oeko-Tex certified, or adhere to the GOTS and Oeko-Tex standards.

We also wish to borrow from and incorporate the concept embedded in the management approach of "regenerative agriculture" coined by the Robert Rodale of the Rodale Institute into our business philosophy...meaning that we have to go beyond sustainable when using resources to the idea of improving them with each use.

Our inspiration for starting this business and creating this collection was to get something out there that was in keeping with our desire for doing something for the greater good. It was not focused on profits, but focused on how profits can be used to help our planet rather than destroy and exploit it. This also ties in with our choice of fabrics because once you start on a quest to help the planet, then you naturally gravitate towards searching for what is the least damaging in terms of fibres, processes etc . After much research, we realized that all steps in the fashion manufacturing industry were damaging to some extent, but we did find that natural, organic cotton (primarily rain fed) was the best choice for us and that is what we offer here in our collection.

The colour inspiration was a combination of Sally Fox's creation of naturally coloured cotton colours and our desire to design a collection that was classic and timeless. Sally is a handspinner, farmer and scientist. Sally's colours inspired us because they were born of the earth through the natural processes of the earth. Since our goal was to create pieces that a person could hold on to for many years or even a lifetime, these natural and ever enduring colours that we saw in Sally Fox's collection was the perfect choice for us to launch our career. We absolutely love them and hope our customers do too.

Our brand is differentiated from other fashion brands because our fashion label was designed to be a catalyst for change and not just a fashion statement. this collection and others to come are not just simply fashion statements, this business is our vehicle to put us on the road to quantifiable change…to change the way companies do business and to change citizen involvement so that there is a collective activism to make things better. Through our designs, we want to mobilize our customers to apply pressure on and demand from all businesses that they align their mandates to genuinely serve not only their business interests but the interests of people and our planet. We want businesses to also genuinely include philanthropy in their business models so that giving back becomes the norm for doing business!

In the design of this label our first priority was to create apparel that would produce the least amount of damage to all its surroundings and yet provide the good feeling and beauty that we all seek in a fashion piece. We also wanted to do this under the umbrella of the most ethical business model we could create. This direction propelled us into looking for the best possible sustainable textiles, the best and least damaging processes, and designs and colours that would last a lifetime. We demanded that our pieces would not become fast throw away fashion and contribute to the inexcusable excessive mass production of clothing and rampant consumerism that exists today.

We particularly reach out to a customer who wants to become part of a new global awareness and solution for the issues affecting society, the environment, and animals.

Specifically our end customer is someone that demands not only fashionable apparel but also quality and high end apparel that is unique and offers environmentally friendly options. Our customers have a strong awareness of social, economic and environmental issues and how they interconnect with lifestyle choices. As a result this customer does not make price the priority, but considers the other values added as the deciding factor to purchase. In research terminology, these customers are referred to as LOHAS – LIFESTYLE OF HEALTH AND SUSTAINABILITY (living a lifestyle that prioritizes health and sustainability).

All of the above make for a customer who is forward-thinking, open minded, secure and confident in being who they and in their beliefs and values, and strong enough to follow their own distinctive fashion style regardless of fashion or societal trends.