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For MAYD in CHYNA, eco fashion means 'considering the planet' in the manufacturing process ⤍

Spotlighting couture-conscious and responsibly produced fashion — and its designers — the annual Redress Raleigh Fashion Show is bringing #ecochic back to the catwalk at CAM Aug. 18. In front of the show, we chatted up the seven designers/design teams on their style, philosophy, inspo and more — even who they’d swap closets with given the opp. Click here to meet all the designers. Below, your behind stage view with Teresa Perna & Giovanni Perna.

Teresa Perna & Giovanni Perna

Brand Name: MAYD in CHYNA (brand logo: Y)

Designers: Maria TERESA Perna, Primary Designer;  Giovanni Perna, Designer

Your collection’s style: Designer high-end.

Fashion show collection sneak peek:

  • TP: We will be presenting to our audience our idea of not only glamour and quality but really feel-good clothes both tactilely and psychologically because they were made for a purpose. Our pieces will demand attention and beckon you to explore more and live our sustainable fashion movement.
  • GP: We will be presenting … the future is here! We will demonstrate how sustainable fashion must be the norm in 25 years because of the lack of resources and an ever-changing climate.

In one word, this collection is: Political.

Your fashion philosophy: Businesses must align their mandates to include genuinely serving our planet and all within it.

Cultural influence? The influence for our collection was the fact that it is impossible to purchase clothing that is entirely made in North America. We had had enough of seeing clothing that was primarily made overseas (i.e. in China) which not only was of poor quality but, more importantly, exploited people and the environment.

Your brand’s MO: Doing business with integrity and ethics while giving back to society and the planet.

Impact? Our suppliers are all sustainable and USA-based, which helps in creating jobs and supporting the movement to bring the textile industry back to North America. This will greatly contribute to a cleaner and less toxic manufacturing process, which benefits all.

Local link? Most of our processes are North Carolina-based (weaving/knitting/dyeing/finishing) and/or Southeast USA-based. This not only supports the local area economically, but also connects us to the community in that we have developed very close and rewarding relationships with many people throughout our six-year journey, which will endure far more than the launching of this or subsequent collections.

Target buyer? Our target market is called LOHAS, people that choose a Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability. They are consumers who are acutely aware of how their purchase decisions affect their surroundings, their economy and their politics.

Your style inspiration(s):

  • TP: Glamorous ’50s meets rebellious ’60s meets uninhibited and free-spirited ’70s.
  • GP: Japanese samurai meets classic ’30s meets the innovative ’90s.

Your style icon:

  • TP: We both really don’t have a style icon … but if I had to choose, it would be a combo of Twiggy and Marilyn Monroe.

I would love to swap closets with:

  • TP: Olivia Firth or Emma Watson.

Your fave local fashion designer: Julie Moore, creative artist and founder of FiberActive Organics.

Take us shopping locally, globally or online. Where are we going?

  • TP: Farmers Markets Toronto, Artisanal Shops Italy; Ecouterre eco online publication.
  • GP: Farmers Markets Toronto, Vintage Shops globally; Swapsitybarter website

Piece you can’t live without:

  • TP: My custom made chiffon hat that I had made for my wedding

What you hope the future of fashion looks like:

  • TP: I would love to see fashion that is not influenced in any manner by the capitalistic culture.
  • GP: I would love to see the death of fast fashion.

What eco fashion means to you: Considering the planet and all living within in it when making decisions regarding manufacturing processes.

Best professional advice I ever received was:

  • TP: Don’t fear failing, FEAR at succeeding in things in life that don’t really matter.
  • GP: Never sell yourself short.

Why Redress Fashion Show is a must-go: RR is making a paramount contribution to the world of sustainable living and Beth Stewart definitely deserves our support for all her hard work in trying to get us there.